- responsible for   creating, assembling, cataloguing, managing, presenting and displaying artistic environments. 

Who is the curator?

Kamal Rhodes first dubbed the moniker "IamTheCurator"by using innovative concepts to the projects he is involved in, also by taking an artistic approach when it comes to Marketing, Design and Creating Timeless Memorable Events.
Having over 8+ years involvement in Marketing & Design, Kamal most notable achievements
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Great designs to get the attention of your audience for print or digital needs from Instagram Flyers, Brochures, Banners, Business Cards, Signs

and More.

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A website is usually the first impression you give to your audience in today's digital world. Having a user friendly website ensures your message is heard properly and you receive the proper feedback you deserve.

Get a Custom Website built today to Showcase or Sell Products, Book New Client's, Schedule Appointments, or Sell Tickets to your next Event.


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Capturing life through the lens of my Canon Camera wether it's Street performers, Landscapes, Nature, Wedding's, Corporate Events, Galas, Family gatherings, or Night life events it

is my pleasure.

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Producing and Directing Videos is my first passion, no matter the content or project. From Music Projects, Promotional Videos, Projects, Skits, Recap Videos, Commercials, or Wedding Videos I can get it done.

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Curating Events requires a great deal of Planning, Organizing and Execution coupled with a great concept an a engaging Marketing plan.

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I am the curator

Having studied Art, Design, and Marketing has allowed new perspective when approaching a project for myself or a client. Anyone can help your brand with creative projects, but with me, I curate.


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